MacThrasher Digital Prouctions, Inc.

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What started as a bulletin board system has evolved into a personal business. My resume is available online.

MacThrasher, aka Will Janoch, resides in Cleveland Ohio. I work in digital content creation, networking, and consulting using computers; photo retouching, pre-press, web page design, and digital audio and video.Although I have over 20 years experience in all flavors of UNIX and Windows, my personal machine of choice is Macintosh

As with all websites, this is always a work in progress. The web is much is much the same way. Constantly moving, expanding, and growing. This page strives to use innovative new ways to get around the web. Have fun, and leave any comments you wish to help improve it =)

Please remember, this webpage is totally free. I make no money off of this, nor do I expect compensation on any of its contents. More importantly. I take no liability on any of the sites, info, etc. supplied here. This is purely the hobby of one man, but I hope that you enjoy what you learn, see, and hear =)

I Went to Bowling Green State University and graduated BA Communications in 1994... Anyway... On to the good stuff



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